Service & Maintenance

Since 1982 Flamingo Custom Pools has taken pride in producing a high-quality product and the service & maintenance side is no exception. You will experience the same quality, integrity and customer service that has produced hundreds of beautiful custom pools over the years. Our pool service and maintenance is not only to maintain your pool’s beauty, but to save you money and precious time. Our goal is to take care of the detail ladened tasks required to keep your pool sparkling clear, free of debris and running smoothly. Signing up for our affordable monthly rate will allow you to rest assured that you can enjoy a beautiful body of water at any time.

Protecting You & Your Pool: No matter who is handling your pool maintenance, either yourself or a professional technician, it needs to be done frequently and thoroughly. First and foremost, neglecting your pool runs the risk of it not being safe. Our technicians will ensure that your pool is perfectly safe for your family or friends and that everything is operating as it was intended, leaving only relaxation and enjoyment for you. Also, staying on top of your pool will help extend the life cycle of your pool’s components resulting in more use and enjoyment over a longer period. We are dedicated to protecting your investment and have it operating as it should.

Our Weekly Maintenance Includes
Water Chemistry Tested
Pool Vacuumed as Needed
Pool Walls, Floor, and Tile Brushed
Pool Surface Skimmed
Pool Equipment Operation Inspected
Pump Baskets Cleaned
Personalized Service Reports
Accurate and Timely Communication
Other Services Offered
One Time Cleans
Filter Cleaning ($125 plus tax)
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