In Memory

For all of those that knew Rich Blank, he passed peacefully surrounded by family Tuesday, September 27, 2022.

Rich (and his wife Jane) hold a special place in our hearts.  At a point where I decided to leave the corporate world, my wife (Tamie) and I through their daughter, found an interest in selling Flamingo Custom Pools.  After 30+ years Jane and Rich were interested in enjoying life, family.

What we found was a company that had been operated with a focus on a respectful project for the customer and sub-contractors involved.

Rich was adamant at ensuring the quality of craft and equipment met his level of high expectations and that schedules were adhered to, to ensure projects completed as expected.  He exemplified integrity in his approach to everyone involved and expected the same in return.  In my training period I recall receiving a truckload of stone and he began to teach me about what to look for then paused…yelling at the driver, he was livid at some flaws in the stone.  He was met with ‘it’s the best they had’, ‘nothing else available’…  Rich’s response ‘I DON’T CARE, TURN THIS TRUCK AROUND AND TELL XXXXXXX IF HE CAN’T FIND BETTER STONE, I WILL’. A truckload of stone arrived that afternoon and a quality project continued schedule.  Rich would never let substandard quality on his customers projects.

That evening back at the office, we went through next day’s schedule talking with Jane and my wife Tamie.  What I saw in his eyes was a softness, a caring.  He wanted us to succeed, He wanted to be with Jane and his family, and he was going to make sure both happened.

Rich was tired.  He was tired of the constant push to get quality and schedules met, of customers changing minds, of sub-contractor delays, of weather changes…  But most, he was tired of missing time with his family.

That’s what I remember…a dedicated man to whatever was in his life.  He tirelessly pursued quality and integrity in all things.  He reminded us of those values in business and in relationships.

The world is better for having had Rich around and his impact leaves a legacy.  Flamingo Custom Pools remains committed to Rich and Janes pursuit of Quality and Integrity.

May God bless Rich’s family in their loss and to the many friends and business associates as they grieve.  May we all be reminded to pursue all things in our life with the same commitment Rich taught us.

Service Information here: Memorial Service – Richard Mathew Blank

Rich and Jane Blank
Rich’s wisdom that hung in the office!